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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 3, 2019 11:00am-11:58am PST

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history made -- democrats take control of the house. and bay area democrat nancy pelosi is speaker again. complete coverage of the massive change underway in washington d.c. plus -- we )re watching the markets. the dow jones down ?? problems at apple leading to the downturn. good morning, and thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i )m marcus washington. and i )m kira klapper. laura is off. a live look inside the house of presentatives. the 116th united states congress is in session right now. and nancy pelosi is making history -- being picked as speaker of the house.
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pelosi will wield the gavel next. the democrats are taking control following last year )s midterm elections. a look at the other chamber of congress okay. okay. okay. the democrats are taking control following last week's mid-week elections. >> senators were sworn in. republicans still control the senate but only by a slim margin. >> lawmakers on both sides have some big goals on their agenda. job one, reopening the government with a portion of it shut down for nearly two weeks. >> susan mcguinnes has the late forest capitol hill. >> it's a brand-new congress and a whole new ball game on capitol hill starting today. >> it is a new day for many people in congress. >> reporter: democrat nancy pelosi making history again as she takes over as house speaker manned plans to use her party's new-found power rate awaight aw. job one, reopen the government. >> open up the government as we continue to debate what is the best way to secure our border.
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>> the shutdown about to enter a third week hinges on one issue, funding for a wall the president wants at the southern border. initially said he'd be happy to own the shutdown, today he's accusing democrats of playing politics and refusing to back down. >> as long as it takes, i mean, look. i'm prepared. i think the people of the country think i'm right. >> we want government to open. >> are you willing to come up and give him some of the money for the wall? >> no. >> apparently that's the sticking point. >> reporter: senate republicans say they won't even vote on a spending bill without wall funding. >> that exact lit kind of proposal you would expect if the incoming house democrats are choosing to stage sideshow. >> reporter: with neither side blinking, the standoff goes on leaving federal employees unpaid and out of work and in need of government services undone. the top republican in the house says the president invited congressional leaders to another meeting tomorrow to continue talks on reopening the
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government. in washington, susan mcguinnes, nbc news. >> as you just saw in that story before nancy pelosi became speaker again today, she spoke exclusively with surgutr exclusively with savannah guthrie. coming up in 30 minutes how she promises to negotiate with the president. other big news for you. another miserable day at markets, and new fears for investors. >> scott mcgrew is watching the numbers. scott, what is this new worry? >> the new worry is china, not just our trade war but the chinese economy itself. apple announced yesterday it was going to make less money than expected because in partf slower chinese economy. apple is a member of the dow 30 industrials, and the news pulled the dow lower, right now down 570 points and at its worse down more than 600 points. here's apple's tim cook talking to our cnbc. >> as we look what's going on in china, it's clear that the economy began to slow there for
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the second half, and what i believe to be the case is the trade tensions between the united states and china put additional pressure on their economy. >> reporter: this is the first time in 15 years apple's warned investors this way so this is historic. remember, apple is the most valuable company in the world. its loss and overall worth hit its all-time high gnarl september is $446 billion, 446 billion. to put that in perspective the loss in apple's value is more than facebook is worth in total, twice the overall value of wells fargo. apple's loss in market cap equal to three times of mcdonald's or to five costcwe'll have to cont it. >> yeah, truly puts that in perspective there. >> that's a lot of money in a quick loss. >> all right. >> right now we want to turn to our microclimate forecast for
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you. it was another cold morning across the bay area. now we're tracking the rain for the weekend. >> well, this looks promising, but it is deceiving. a live look at the bay bridge from our camera in emoryville. we can't say you didn't warn us. >> that's right. in fact, enjoy these clear skies. beautiful shot of san francisco, and let's see how our current temperatures are faring right now. still pretty cool. 45 degrees and oakland and down to san jose. our temperature trend into the afternoon will showcase that we're only going to be topping out into the upper 50s throughout the bay area. we're going to get a nice combination of dry conditions but we are definitely monitoring the incoming rain as we head into the weekend. let me show you what i've been track and following. our models have been coming at you. we've got satellite radar and a pretty active pacific, and this is going to first make its arrival as early as saturday. the time line into is going to
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force impact with all of your outside plans. we have already up and running our very own doppler radar storm ranger. it's up and standing and ready to tract incoming rain. we're talking about windy conditions, stormy conditions and the possibility of seeing thunderstorms as well develop throughout the bay area. i'll have the time line for that. accumulation of rain totals plus snow for the sierra and all the details coming up. back to you. >> thanks so much. happening today. we'll get a look at the snow pack in california. it's scheduled to happen at 11:30. the department of water resources is set to take its first official you is var of the sierra snow pack. this year it's expected to snow at levels a little normal than normal because california started the fall very dry. a sires of storms in late november through mid-december helped those levels closer to the average. >> there is good news in oakland, and the mayor is about to release the numbers.
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violent crime dropped last year in oakland and the city will hold a news conferencetter ever numbers. this is a tale of two cities when we look at san jose where crime increased by 6% and the chief of police isn't just deflecting the problem. damian trujillo is live from police headquarters with more from chief eddie garcia. >> reporter: they will respond to the latest numbers. chief, you must not be happy with the results. >> i don't think any chief would be happy when their crime rates go up. our violent crime went up by 6%, violent crime by our robbery uptick. >> reporter: and you're still short of where you want to be. >> put this in perspective. we're fortunate in san jose that we don't have the volume of t crime.t other major cities
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we're very fortunate with that, but the trend in san jose is not something that's expected and not something that we want. having said that our numbers are. we're having no issues recruiting, and we're having a great number of officers on board. retirement is stemming that a little bit. we need to rebuild the police department to where it was ten years ago really. >> and experts say that an increase in overs doesn't necessarily equate a decrease in crime. your reaction to that. >> i don't know. i guess i'm not a phd but my 27 years in law enforcement tell me that i have officers to put on my hot spot, of violence in the city of san jose we'll reduce violence. i know that it will increase my response times where we could otherw t people off the street before they victimize people. my expertise of being a police
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officer for 27 years says more police officers will help the city be safer. >> reporter: chief eddie garcia, let's start working on those numbers for next year. hopefully there will be a drop they hope by this time in 2020. live in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we want to take you back live to washington, d.c. where nancy pelosi just picked up the gavel for the first time. in case you missed it the 115th session of the congress started two hours ago. nancy pelosi is making history being the speaker of the house once again. democrats are taking control following last year's mid-term elections. >> well, new for you at 11:00, prosecutors in florida are not going to pursue domestic violence charges against nfl player rubin foster. it's been more than a month of
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this. no word on why charges are being dismissed. foster was arrested at a tampa hotel in november following an incident involving a player -- involving the player and the companion who police have identified as the same woman who accused foster of hitting her back in february. a woman recanted the earlier accusations. >> right now a manhunt is under way in oakland for a drier who hit a 14-year-old boy while he was riding his bike. it happened yesterday afternoon near the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station and police say the impact was so intense the boys bike was thrown into the air and sent us this video of the aftermath. he saw the boy bleed and mangled. police are worried about him. >> we have a 14-year-old boy in critical condition and has major injuries for being dragged by this for four city police blocks.
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>> police are loo for the person responsible for this. plu a trip to the dark side of the moon. china goes somewhere tha >> a trip to the dark side of the moon it is a were. china goes somewhere no one has gone ever before. the history-making mission that's giving us a new view of the moon. look at this!
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an historic first in space exploration. and it )s not comi i want you to take a look at this. yeah, historic firsts in space exploration. it's not coming from nasa, but instead china is announcing that it has landed a rover on the far side of the moon. it's a huge milestone for the nation. as it attempts to position itself as a leading space pour. >> reporter: china is going where no man or in this case robot has gone before, unmanned
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probe touched down overnight and it's carrying instruments to explore the region's unexplored geology and is one of the big impact craters in the whole of the solar system. they are hoping the rugged terrain will provide new information on the formation of our planetary system and it has a eggs for some biological experiments. >> it has so many resource and also we can have a better understanding of the formation and evolution of them in the future. >> reporter: they already sent back the first pictures from the surface of the far side, but because it's permanently turned away from the earth, china also has to put a relay satellite into lunar orbit. it's been seen as a major milestone in space exploration and of huge propaganda value. china did some careful media
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management with very little news being released before the official announcement mission's success by state media. nasa has congratulated them on what they are calling an impressive accomplishment. google, facebook and twitter are not responsible for a southern california terror attack that left 14 people dead and 14 injured. a san francisco judge yesterday dismissed a lawsuit made on behalf of the victims of the 20 is a rampage in san bernardino where a husband and wife, you may remember, together shot and killed 14 people at a holiday party. the victims and their families claimed the tech giants aided and abetted terrorism by providing resources to members of isis. they claimed the mass shooting was the direct result of the islamic state inspiring people online. fire investigators are trying to pinpoint what sparked a fire at a vallejo strip mall. we got this video this morning when we first brought you the story on "today in the bay live." check out these huge flames
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there as crews tried to put out those flames. now the large fire response to the vacant straw hat pizzeria restaurant. no one was hurt and fire crews were air ball to stop those flames from damaging nearby businesses. >> we are learning more about a deadly apartment fire in oakland and that a christmas tree may be to blame. the fire ignited last night on chadic avenue just a few blocks from the ashby b.a.r.t. station. firefighters tell us a 38-year-old man was killed inside the building. he died from smoke inhalation. a new filing by pg&e gives a new hit that the utility may use when it comes to the deadly wire fires in 2017. investigators found the fire may have started from vaulty electrical equipment on a property at north bennett lane. on monday pg&e filed the legal
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response saying that the equipment was not its responsibility. in a statement saying in part the evidence supports the conclusion that this equipment located beyond pg&e service delivery point was planned, designed, installed, maintained and operated by a third party. not pg&e. a filing does not reference a specific cause, whoenl was responsible for the equipment in question. we have new video now. fans are still holding out hope that they will get a chance to party steph curry. check out the line in oakland, hundreds of people long, after hundreds of people already lined out yesterday. these fans waited owl night outside of curry's pop-up store and a big bash at the fox theater to celebrate his tenth year playing in oakland. >> i got here around 4:30. we had like quite a while to get here, and we got here, and we just stayed in our car, but it
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was pretty fun, just coming here and being here and having to sit out here and wait for the tickets. we just got our pre-tickets for the actual concert tickets >> it is not clear how many tickets are still available, but you've got to the love his optimism. >> yeah. >> waiting in line when it's near freezing outside. >> that's a true fan. >> is not my idea of dopeness. >> oh, yeah. >> almost freezing. >> 30s up there. people had the hot coffee, bundled up. >> and the excitement of meeting steph. >> at least it wasn't range, but it will be very soon. here's what's to come. san jose, beautiful shot there. you notice, you'll have an increase in cloud cover. 49 degrees and wind speeds are calm. microclimate highs for today will be comfortable topping out in the upper 50s for san jose. 59 degrees and 57 through
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milipitas. east bay, 58 degrees for oakland and 57 for walnut creek and down through pleasanton and also 58. along the peninsula, it will be a little breezy at times. 10 to is a miles per hour winds and san mateo up to 57 degrees. if you're heading out to the north bay, 56 for novato and 57 for santa rosa. today it will be another calm day. you notice it's try and here's what's to come. you've got satellite radar. this is a live look at it right now. for the most part the bay area is clear. starting to notice the clouds ting to increase and we've got a pretty active pacific. let's take you through the time line of what exactly we're tracking and how the model is winding up right now. it's up and standing. this is our mobile doppler radar. the only one in our area is the latest high resolution data as it comes in, and this is what we're tracking. all right. the first it will move in
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overnight and being widespread and as that line of heavy showers pushes through and this is that cold front we're tracking gusty conditions, a chance of seeing some thunderstorms, and it's also sierra snow. that rain will carry over into sunday as periods of on and off again showers and then we have another system that sort of settles in on monday, so we've got a pretty wet weekend ahead. as we head into saturday and as the cold front passes through, look what the winds do, can have eight. right when the cold front begins to trek on through. santa rosa is 29 miles per hour and redwood city 34 and san francisco 3 is so it's going to be very gusty. go ahead and start prepping now. think of a game plan if you had outdoor activities planned because rainfall totals will be the highest in the coastal mountains. possibly upwards of 3 inches. with this system, the reason i'm showing you this beautiful shot now is that system is going to bring more snowfall which, of course, will make for dangerous driving conditions, but you need to prepare buff head out door. the best travel day will
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definitely be friday. saturday is going to be of the worst and possibly so is sunday as the winds continue. notice monday, tuesday and wednesday, we've got a pretty wet start to the workweek. the first weekend of the new year will be a wet one. >> thanks. coming up, focusing on a troubled part of san francisco. years of work and millions of dollars later new light shines on the tenderloin and has a lot of people happy. >> first, happening now. the state department is urging americans to texter size increased caution traveling to china because of, quote, arbitrary enforcement of local wars. the state department warned noting that the chinese authorities have exit advance to prevent u.s. citizens from leaving sometimes for years and issued warnings for the united kingdom, spain, russia, italy, france, belgium and the netherlands because of terrorism risk. more news for you right after the break. his recent shopping t
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okay. guys. getting ready. a recent shopping trip on how time flies. there's already valentine's day stuff for sale. follow mike on facebook at mike inouye. >> today new lights are shining in a san francisco neighborhood many people avoid after the character, the tenderloin. the city just installed 97 streetlights there to improve safety. neighborhood groups welcomed the lights because they say pedestrians will be more visible and they expect to see less drug
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use and crime. it took more thanation years of planning and 4 million to build. >> happening today, one of san francisco's biggest attractions is complete. crews just finished the musconi center. >> kickoff for the national championship game at levi stadium is five days away and this is not a good idea for a way to recruit players. it's meant to help players get their game face on. it's a chunk of san jose's san pedro jaire that has been converted into a field. top ranked alabama takes on number two clemson monday night. >> and we told you about this yesterday. people are raving about the latest netflix film "bird box," so much so that they are actually copying the characters there and wearing blindfolds, but netflix says don't try this at home.
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the company tweeted today that it's flattered by the film's attraction and all the attention but wants fans to stay safe. if you missed out on social media, here's what you're talking about. as can you see from the pictures, people are blindfolding themselves and even the dog doing everyday tasks. blindfolds are supposed to protect everyone in that movery, of course, from an evil force, which is a pretty good movie there. >> poor dog. new this coach, the coachella lineup is out and here's a look at the big acts to look out for. stylish gambino, taking apollo and ariana grande. ♪ >> you can catch jaden smith and janell there as well. coachella starts april 12th and continues for two weekend. weekend passes go on sale tomorrow for a cool $400. >> a pretty cool concert.
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>> our producers and i talked about how we would go when we used to be more free. >> nancy pelosi is expected to pick up the gavel again to lead the democrats as speaker of the house. she sits down with nbc for an exclusive interview. what she says about negotiating with the president. one lawmaker at the center of the government shutdown
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one lawmaker at the center of the government shutdown negotiations is bay area democrat nancy pelosi. one lawmaker at the center of the government shutdown negotiations is bay area democrat nancy pelosi. >> we want to take you back to d.c. a live look where miss pelosi just started speaking. let's take a listen.
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>> each of us comes to this chamber strengthened by the trust of our constituents and the love of our families, but let's congratulate and welcome all of the families who are here today. thank you to our families. >> pelosi officially was elected the new house speaker today in a majority vote by the 116th congress. before that nbc's savannah guthrie smoke with her about a number of topics including the border wall and are the mueller investigation. ithi think that's an open president trump. what's it like to negotiate with him? >> when you're negotiating with someone, you have to know and stipul tith the president because he resists science, evidence, truth.
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it's hard to pin the president down on the facts. i think and hope that can work together in a positive way now that the president is more acclimated to the fact that he's dealing with a democratic majority in the congress of the united states. >> that's called transparentsy. >> it's not transparentsy when we ear not step lating to a set of facts. >> the after that infamous oval office meeting before the holidays, you reportedly came back and spoke to members of your caucus and other democrats and said wall, it seems like be a manhood thing, might be about a manhood. that's a statement capable of interpretation. care to explain what it was. >> i wish my members had not repeat that had room. >> do you think he deals with you differently because you're a woman? >> i have no idea. we'll seeh me as speaker of the house, and that doesn't matter whether you're a woman or not. i hope he recognizes that a new
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day has dawned in america. >> you said in august you thought he might be afraid of you have and afraid of the women that are coming to congress. >> i don't know if he knows how to deal with women in power and women with strength, but we'll see. let's hope for the fwhest that regard because, again with many people in the country and washington, d.c. >> you yourself are quite the actually have approval rate that is are lower than president trump. >> republicans have spent over is 37,000 ads have my name in it in the last election, and they are against me because i'm effective. i'm effective as a legislator and i'm excellent as that. to do, but e politically and of politics. her return to the highest rungs >> y mosro powerful woman in government.
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>> in the united states, that's true. >> do you think about that and think about what that means? do you think about that as a personal accomplishment? >> i think of it as a responsibility. i don't think of it as an accomplishment. i think it is a responsibility in how we go forward and what that means in terms of the lives of america's working families and that more -- that this isn't breaking a glass ceiling. this is breaking a marble ceiling in the capitol of the united states. >> that was savannah guthrie reporting. you can watch part o her sit-down with nancy pelosi on large crowds showed up for the first day of court appearance there for a man accused of killing a newman police officer. people lined up outside of the courthouse to show support for the familiar life corporal ron singh. the suspect was supposed
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arraigned yesterday while he undergoes a mental evaluation. family members of overs singh were upset about that. >> we want justice. >> we learned the suspect's real name. he has numerous aliases. police say his real name is paolo verh ha n mendoza. >> aup to a deadly christmas day shooting. family of the woman killed jennifer vazquez is asking for action against the four officers. the 24-year-old was riding in a stolen car the early morning of christmas and identified her the suspect of the shooting and when she tried to f >> the family hand community is requesting that your office file criminal charges against the officers who killed their turned out very differently and at one point she tried to ram a patrol car with officers
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standing nearby. >> a trial is scheduled to begin next month in connection with a deadly shooting in richmond. the east bay times is reporting one critical piece of evidence has vanished without trace. the victim identified harris as he lay dying but the body camera of the officer who heard that acquisition somehow malfunctioned and police say there's now no useable video suspect. police believe the suspect and victim had been friends. >> an elderly woman was struck while walking across the street in concord. it happened yesterday just after 3:00. the 86-year-old was crossing around ayers road and valley crest driver when the driver hit her. the driver stopped and is texas. a manhunt is intensifying after a shocking shooting left a 7-year-old girl dead. investigators are now looking into a possible motive. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in houston with the latest.
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>> reporter: the reward for more activists to help track down the gunman has been raised to $75,000. the sheriff say investigators have not ruled out the possibility that this could be a hate crime. this morning jasmine's family is pleading for help to find her killer. >> my baby was an angel. the person who may have killed or murdered my daughter, i just ask that you be man enough to come forward and face the consequences for your action. >> reporter: 7-year-old jasmine, her three sisters and their mom were on a cove run early sunday morning when investigators say a man pulled up next to them and opened fire. jasmine died afterhead >> he took away an innocent child who did not deserve this. she did n coffee. and my >> we were going to get cove, >> reporter: this morning she's out of the hospital but planning her daughter's funeral.
11:37 am
sheriff's deputies also looking for this red pickup truck captured on surveillance video. authorities have not nailed down a motive. at this point does the shooting appear to be completely random. >> it does definitely seem to be random. however, we're not tone deaf to some of the concerns that it could be, you know, a i have to this or a race motive to this as well so we won't rule anything out. >> investigators r look for a white man with a beard in his 40s as the family is now mourning the loss of a young girl whose t-shirt in this home video they say described her life, live, laugh, love. investigators here hope to have a sketch of the gu based on the accounts of the survivors in the car as early as today. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, houston. after creating massive amounts of fake accounts, wells fargo is giving up its insurance license here in california. you may remember the company
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charged 15 up customers for insurance policies they never agreed to. now the bank is agreeing to pay california $5 million to settle the case, and it will pay an extra 5 million if it ever decides to sell insurance in the state again. the settlement was accepted yesterday. continuing coverage. government shutdown could impact your tax return. the irs is one of the agency's working with bare bone staffs and while it will can process some tax returns it isn't conduct audit, answering questions or paying refunds. the irs has yet to announce a start date for the 2019 filing season which typically starts a filers are set to use that the shutdown drags on as early refund to pay on those debts that they have, catch up on bills and even make large purchases. it's been years in the making a n angeles county have the ability to know about earthquakes before they happen. the app is now available for download. it's the nation's first pubically available earthquake early warning mobile app.
11:39 am
it's called shake hey left and it's designed to give people at least a few seconds of washing before any shaking start. the alert inclusion the sound and message that klutz anticipated intensity level of the quake. shake alert warnings come for all quakes including aftershocks of magnitude 5.0 or greater. it's part of the early warning system being built for all of california, oregon and washington state. our sister station in l.a. reports there is funding to complete the networking in california in the next two years. >> a useful tool there. >> all right. >> right now we want to get of look at what it is like outside. a look at those low temperatures there. >> at least we're out of the 30s hand now we're in the 40s and even have some 50s on the map. santa rosa 45 degrees. our daytime highs will be seasonal, but it's not the temperatures we're worried about anymore. now it's incoming rain. i'll break down the timeline and help you with your weekend coming up after this.
11:40 am
>> a four-figure dispute with the dentist. how we handled the case and how you can escalate yours. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next.
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welcome back. nbc bay area responds to an east by a man with a didn'tal dispute. consumer investigator chris chmura and his team helped straighten it out. >> good morning. bob s. in brentwood said it all started when he had a bridge
11:43 am
fitted into his mouth. he says the didn'tist didn't cement the partial dentures correctly so bob says the bridge was uncomfortable, and you could see metal when he opened his mouth. so he says he complained to the didn'tist and his insurance are it, but bob says they were both denied. now, we reached out to the insurance company and asked them reconsider. we didn't check for $1,340. you know, we've responded to more than 100 complaints about didn'tal work. you can also contact the california didn'tal is with you them through the department of managed healthcare. final a case through either di't agency shows you're serious. you'll find links on our website while there, you can contact us, too. the number is 888-996-tips if you wish to call us. >> all right. thanks, chris. all right. let's head over for a look at the weather that we're sensing today. pretty much the way it should
11:44 am
be. >> we've started off with those cold 30s hand had people reach out to me saying it's so cold. i'm warning you now about the incoming rain. live look over san francisco. look how beautiful that is, and for the most part clear skies are lingering and that always gives us a heads up as to the changes coming ahead. san jose 49 degrees. at least the wind speeds are calm and the windchills aren't playing a factor. south bay, we're talking about upper 50s for san jose and milipitas is 57 and in true the east bay 5 about degrees for oakland. 59 degrees in through concord and 59 along the peninsula. you might still catch breezy conditions. possibly 15 miles per hour winds and san mateo 57 and daly city 55. you'll be heading into the city topping out in the mid-50s so very cool, but at least we're dry. ukiah 58 degrees. we're going to be dry but only through today and into tomorrow
11:45 am
because this is what i've been tracking. you've got satellite radar. in fact, the cloud covert firsa scene over san francisco. a very active pacific and this is what's going to bring the rainfall. it's our mobile doppler radar, the only one in the bay area and once that data it is a it is. the future cast right now. let's talk about the time line. the models are showing the rain moving in late friday into early saturday morning and we've got some pretty good pockets of rain as the cold front sweeps through. expect gusty southerly conditions to really kick up the winds along with the possibility of seeing some thunderstorms, and we are expecting widespread rain on saturday and check out the sierra. we're dealing with some pretty good accumulations. saturday is not going to be a good day to travel up there. friday is your best bet. as we head in towards sunday at 3:00 p.m.
11:46 am
it's going to be the moisture left over from that initial system and then on monday we've got another system and that's going to carry on the rain in through the saturday of the ab gusts. right now the models are showing pretty gusty conditions which could mean wind advisories friday night into saturday. could have gusts upwards of 60. at least we goat enjoy thursday and friday, dry, nice conditions and then the weekend is really looking like a wet one so please plan ahead, folks. i'm letting you know right now. i'm sending it back to you. >> thanks. >> we want to take you back live to washington, d.c. where nancy pelosi has become speaker of the house once again. this is an historic morning. she has become the speaker of the house for the second time. she served so -- so far she's been the only female house speaker, originallier is inning
11:47 am
from 2007 to 2011. three hours ago the 116th congress took sesscration, have of the house. >> just had her family come up there with her to just join in on that moment there. we'll continue to follow this story for you. we want to listen in for just a lite. >> she may have just finished speaking and nancy pelosi took the gavel for the first time once again being erected speaker of the house by a unanimous vote. she spoke briefly about the importance of family and familial support. families all getting these politicians to where they are and now in a symbolic move her family is joining her. >> an historic time. it's also the most diverse congress we've ever seen about that and they have a lot ahead
11:48 am
of them dealing with the government shutdown going on right now. there isn't a lot of talk on that. we saw the exclusive interview with nancy pelosi on nbc. it's going to be a busy time there in washington, okay. >> the government shutdown approaching its second week. >> uihe gentle woman from california would please raise your right hand which you're doing. do you solemnly swear that you will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that you will bear truth faith and allegiance to the same, that you take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion and that you will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which you're about to enter, so help you god. >> i do. >> congratulations, madam speaker. >> and there you just witnessed nancy pelosi being sworn in as house speaker once again for the
11:49 am
second time, making history as the only female speaker of the house. >> thank you, gene young from the house of representatives. >> all eyes are on the 116 congress. >> i call the congress to order on behalf of all of america' >> historic moment indeed. >> the oath of office for the members-elect. if the children want to be back with her. >> no. >> or if they want to be on tv, it's up to them. >> a fun opportunity for the kids there. >> yeah. >> they will join their patients
11:50 am
an grandparents. katie hill whose birthday it is today wants her children to join them. katie porter, whose birthday it is, wants her children to join. >> seems like our sound might be cutting in and out there, but, of course, this is a big moment for california as the san francisco native pelosi takes the helm of speaker ag pition o speaker of the house for the second time there. there's a lot of firsts there. many firsts, the first muslim woman. >> the members-elect will all rise. >> will you all please raise
11:51 am
your right hand. do you solemnly swear that you will support and defend t constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic, that you will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that you take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of and that you will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which you're about to enter, so help you god. >> we do. >> congratulations, you are now -- [ applause ] >> now what happens? >> wow, miss pelosi has not been on the job for seven years or eight years, i should say, so she probably does have to get
11:52 am
some guidance as to what happens next, but you just saw speaker of the house nancy pelosi swearing in the 116th congress. >> the house will be in house. >> the house will be in order. congratulations. you're now all members of the 116th congress. thank you. >> they will be expected to challenge donald trump on many things, but it's important to note because the democrats have a majority doesn't mean they will be able to get votes through. they mainly will have the ability to challenge any ovgh the russia investigation. >> things will still have to go through the u.s. senate there which the republicans have a slim lead in delegation there, so it's something we'll have to watch. the first palestinian women and first muslim american. >> most women ever there. >> an amazing time for our country to witness this.
11:53 am
>> we wish to continue to listen with nancy pelosi, speaker of the house of the there. >> madam speaker, as chairman of the democratic caucus, i have been directed to report to the house that the democratic members have selected as majority leader thestinguished maryland, the honorable steny hoyer. [ applause ] >> the chair recognizes the distinguished jentlewoman from wyoming, congresswoman chair cheney. >> mad ham speaker, as chairman of the republican conference, i've been directed to report to the house that the republican members have selected as our leader, the gentleman from california, the honorable kevin mccarthy.
11:54 am
[ applause ] >> the chair recognizes the gentleman from new york, mr. jeffries. >> mad ma'am speaker, as chairman of the democratic caucus, i have been directed to report to the house that the democratic members have selected as majority whip the distinguished gentleman from south carolina, the honorable james c. cliburn. [ applause ] and i have been directed to report that we have also selected as our assistant speaker, the distinguished gentleman from new mexico, the honorable ben ray luohan. >> the chair recognizes the distinguished gentlewoman from wyoming, miss chainy.
11:55 am
>> madam speaker, as chairman of the house republican caucus, i've been directed to report to the house that the republican members have selected as minority whip the gentleman from louisiana, the honorable steve as >> theha recognizes the gentleman from new york, mr. jeff rigs. does the gentleman seek to offer a resolution? >> yes, madam speaker, i offer a resolution offering elections of the house of representatives. >> hereby chosen as clerk of the house of representatives, that paul d. irving, the state of
11:56 am
florida is hereby chosen sergeant of arms of the house of representatives, that philip george kik oft state of ohio and is hereby chosen chief administrative officer of the house of representatives, and that father patrick j. conroy of the state of oregon be and is hereby chosen chaplain of the house of representatives. >> all right. we are just wrapping up listening in on the floor as the 116th congress is now in special. steny hoyer elected majority leader and kevin mccarthy elected minority leader. >> we do have a link on our web page of nbc and can you go there to see that link. >> one last look at the weather before we go. >> enjoy the sunshine today and tomorrow. as you can see in the seven-day map, up on the screen right now, saturday and sunday, tracking our very first stormy weekend and it's going to come with a bang. windy conditions and a
11:57 am
possibility that you've seen some thunderstorms and once again we're dipping down into the upper 30s and low weather. >> we'll be back at 5:00 with your news. hope to see you then. y - at nbco
11:58 am
11:59 am
. we're live in five, four, three, betwetwo, one. ♪ ♪ my prerogative, i'm doing it just for you ♪ who is behind the mask? >> i knew it! antonio brown from the pittsburgh steelers. >> that is the big surprise. wide receiver antonio brown the first celebrity eliminated on
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